Lately, i've been laughing at quite alot of Blond jokes and here is one that i'll never get bored of...

'What did the Blond say when she opened a packet of Cheerios?
"Aww, look, doughnut seeds!"'

lol, it'll never get old will it?

Some blond jokes are really funny and...wait...(sorry to all the blonds out there)...ok, hehe. Even though i'm not a blond myself, I alwayz wonda, why aren't there jokes for lets
..........Thankx 4 any replys,

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'Why blond jokes ?'... Mmmmh... Tough question you're posing here, Cookie...

Would it be that we (boyz'n'girls alike) on some unconscious level seek to take revenge on the tall sophisticated unapproachable models that we see in the magazines ??? They can't have everything for them, that wouldn't fair to brunettes right ? So it must be they have diminished intellectual capacities, mustn't it ? Just thinking out loud here...

Anyway, what I wanted to say is : vive les brunettes...
Good answer...although a bit confusing lol. thank you for that, it helped

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No problem, my pleasure, miss Cookie...
I'm always happy to help brunettes bolster some self-confidence in that they are as sexy and attractive as blonds Emotion: big smile (I would be tempted to say they are even more, if it weren't for political-correctness and common courtesy to potential blond female readers of this thread).
I hope life is a sweet treat to you in ChocoLand... Cheers.
I can just smile. [Emotion: smile
Dear Cookie,
Ah ah... You can just smile... Would it be because you're a brown haired girl ?... I'm sorry I left them aside in the discussion... I mentioned brunettes specifically but I meant to say everybody but the blonds (red-hair and brown-hair alike)... So pls feel free to let go a have a good laugh instead of a mild smile.
(By the way chocolate cookies are my favorite too).
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A blonde is reading the newspaper.

She sees the headline, "12 Brazilian soldiers killed" and says, "Oh, how sad!"

She turns to the woman next to her and asks, "How many is a brazilian, anyway?"

You guys might not get it if you're not native speakers, but if you do get it it's damn funny :-P
I get it but I don't think its all that funny.
Moltobella mi amica,
Would you care to explain it to me ? I must admit I really don't get it...
Grazie mille.
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