Two Blondes are at a bus station...
The first one says: I am waiting for bus number 2
The second one says: I am waiting for bus number 5

Bus number 25 arrives...One of the Blondes says: WE CAN GO TOGETHER Emotion: big smile


A Blonde , a red-head and a brunette are on top of a flaming building...
Some kids take a sheet and yell: JUMP JUMP JUMP!!! We will catch you
The red-head jumps and at the last minute the kids remove the sheet...She falls and dies...The kids laught
Then the kids yell again: JUMP JUMP JUMP
The brunette says: No i know that you are going to kill me
The kids say: NO NO ..We hate red-heads!!
So the brunette jumps and they do the same thing to her..
They tell the blonde: JUMP
She says: NO NO NO!! I don't trust you..Put the sheet on the ground..Back off ..And let me jump.


Hope you like them ( you better he he )
What is the Chinese equivalent of "dumb blonde"?
A blonde phones the fire brigade and says, "Can you please come quickly, my house is on fire and will be demolished if you don't save it!"

The fireman asks "How do we get there?"

"Hellloooooo", the blonde replies, "in the big red truck!"
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It seems the "blonde jokes" are ubiquitous! Here in France, you can even get them daily on your cell phone. I'm not a blonde, so I'm comfortable with them, but...
the jokes are enought to make u Emotion: smile not Emotion: big smile . but I have never heart of that blonde Emotion: tongue tied
Hello friend

i .d know neow friend also learn english

so i hope we will hellping each other

good luck

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Why do people think that blondines are stupid??