Hello, could anyone please help me explain the meaning of the phrase "bloody cheek" and outline the most frequent contexts in which it is used?

Thank you
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It is BrE slang and means damned impudence. Don't use the phrase in polite society or directly to a large male Brit.
It is usually muttered under the breath as you walk away from someone who has annoyed you - or when relating a tale about an incident. You don't normally use it directly at people unless you are messing around with a friend or family member.
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I don't know how other BrE speakers feel; but it seems to me that "bloody" is dying out. It has begun to seem almost quaint.

'bloody" is dying out.

Bloody hell, I left you people with these words, to take care of them, can't you even do that? Clive
And I'm afraid "bleeding" is now more or less extinct...
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I hesitate to ask what the 'in' words are now. Clive
Now I'm curious, MrP: does this mean that the words bloody and bleeding are no longer offensive, that they can now be used freely, if informally, in mixed company without concern?
I'm curious too, MrP! The word "bloody" is used as often as a comma among teenagers where I am, so it surely isn't dying out as far as usage goes!

However, it is certainly true that "bloody" no longer counts as a swearword to be avoided at all costs. It simply serves as the "prelude to a deluge", if you know what I mean Emotion: wink


- Joy
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