Hello all,
This is my first time here!

Today, I read a book named "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" and found a sentence that I don't get it.

A: "Whatever, I'm just being straight with you," he said. "Keep talking about monster and they're gonna put you away. Then you really will be Special Ed."
B: "Don't call me that."
He flicked away his cigarette and spat a huge glistening wad over the railing.
A: "Were you just smoking and chewing tobacco at the same time?"
B: "What are you, my mom?"
A: "Do I look like I blow truckers for food stamps?"

What does "blow" in the last sentence means? Does it mean "kill" as blow somebody away?

This is a weird conversation, indeed! Here, blow means to perform oral sex on a man.
OMG!!!!!!!! Really? - -"

Thank you for your answer Mr.Philip.
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That was quite an introductory post to the Forums! Welcome.
I'm so ashamed!!! T_T
Don't be. We've all asked questions like that while learning vocabulary.
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Philip Here, blow means to perform oral sex on a man.
The suggestion is that the mother of the person addressed is so desperate that she will perform this service in return for food stamps.