Hi, everyone:

I know we can say:

How beautiful the trees are!
How pretty she is!
How blue the sky is!
How well she plays!
How fast he runs!

I wondering if we can replace all the "How" with "So"? Like:

So beautiful the trees are!
So pretty she is!
So blue the sky is!
So well she plays!
So fast he runs!

Could you please tell me if the above examples are accptable? Are their meaning still the same as the ones using "How"?
Thank you for your answer!
This is my opinion and I hope that you will agree with that.

You may use "So", but at that time you are just emphasizing (not exclamation) on the adjective by using inversion. The sentences become:

So beautiful are the trees.
So pretty is she.
So blue is the sky.

But I suppose that it is quite uncommon to use with verb other than be.

So well does she play.
So fast does he run.


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So + adjective at the beginning of a clause triggers inversion.

So blue is the sky that my heart brightens.

But I don't know whether the isolated sentence "so bule is the sky" is very natural or not.