I've got a letter from a prospective customer, one of whose requirements is:

Potential partner should be able to continuously cooperate in SW development processes using body-shopping approach on the beginning, which may later lead to outsourced SW development managed by subcontracted partner, who can guarantee quality by used and adopted methodologies and standards.

I failed to find out what is 'body-shopping approach' means. Can someone please explain what it might mean? Thank you very much in advance.

Kind of a short term approach to resolving a project: hire and fire, only for immediate needs.
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Thank you. This link explains more what "outsourcing" means, rather than what "Bodyshopping" does. Or shall I understand bodyshopping as just the synonym for outsourcing?
No, I don't think that that would be quite appropriate. I've never heard the word "bodyshopping" myself, but according to that explanation, bodyshopping involves "a contractual
relationship like buying and selling or simply engaging people
services" as opposed to real outsourcing Emotion: smile
got it. thank you for your help!
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