Not sure if this is the place to ask this.

I was reading a dummy's guide to English history, and it mentions this:
"In 1549 the Act of Uniformity made Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer compulsory in all churches and abolished the Latin Mass."

Can anybody shed light on this little prayer book? Was that the first prayer book ever? What sort of prayers were in it?

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Hi yet again,
The Book of Common Prayer is more than a little prayer book. It set out the basic ideas and beliefs on which the Anglican Church, in England and later in other countries, was built. It was a major reason that Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was later convicted of heresy by the Catholic Queen Mary and burned alive. In other words, he died for it.

It included, for example, the words that are basically still used today in the Church of England to marry two people
If you search the Net, you will find a lot of information about this.

Clive (again)
Thanks again.

I found a site with the original text. Found the matrimony chapter too! Like you said, it contains the words priests still use today to marry people.

Ah...bloody Mary. (now why would we have a drink named after such a person?)
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because she kept killing people!
I agree, Abbie. She was religiously intolerant, but why name a drink after her? The drink looks bloody enough, but I guess I don't get the Mary part.

Ah well, what do I care? I don't even drink.Emotion: big smile
Regretably when England decided to break away from Rome because Henry the 8th wanted numerous wives bloodshed followed. Roman Catholics were massacred then Protestants and so it went on with one side butchering the other. Thank God common sense now prevails and ecumenisim has brought dialogue and old prejudices have disappeared. Few fundamentalists around. Arguably it could either be Mary Tudor or Mary Queen of Scots both were merciless.Strange name for tomato juice and Vodka with a dash of Worcester sauce.
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I reckon it was Mary Tudor. Mary of Scots would need something explosive!
Hi David and Abbie,

I suddenly have a thought. This bloody Mary is sour, I take it? Does that have something to do with Mary Tudor's disposition? [:^)]
It has to do with the general disposition of those times. Mary for one. Long gone and forgotten. Hopefully we move on to more balanced times. This is to do with what happened five hundred years ago. If you are keen on history read the period between Henry V111 and Elizabeth the first.
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