I like this story of The Jungle Book very much.It's a very interesting story.This story is about Mowgli who has been raised in the jungle by wolves, who look on him with affection as the Man Cub. But when it is learned that the ferocious tiger Shere Khan is returning to his hunting ground, the wolves fear for the boy's life and decide that he must be returned to his own kind. Bagheera the Panther volunteers to escort the protesting Mowgli through the jungle, and it turns out to be an eventful journey. After successfully avoid the hypnotic designs of Kaa the Snake, the travellers next encounter the elephant herd, led in military style by Colonel Hathi, who is outraged by Mowgli's attempt to join the troop. Exasperated, Bagheera temporarily deserts Mowgli, who strike up a friendship with the genial Baloo the Bear. But he is kidnapped by monkeys and taken to the ape king, who hopes to obtain from him the secret of fire. Mowgli is rescued by Bagheera and Baloo, but he still feels friendless and strays into the hangout of a trio of beatnik vultures who at first tease him and then make friends with him. Then Shere Khan arrives, and it seems that Mowgli must face him alone. Brave Baloo tackles the tiger, but is beaten and left for dead. Mowgli is saved by the vultures, and Shere Khan is scared off by fire when lightning strikes a tree. Baloo turns out to be very much alive, and Mowgli is overjoyed to think he can remain in the jungle after all. But a chance meeting with a Girl Cub proves a stronger attraction, and Bagheera and Baloo depart in the knowledge that Mowgli is best left with his own kind.I think all of you should read this story or watch it's film...And now,there is The Jungle Book 2's film...
1) Please ask your tutor to teach your class about paragraphs.

2) It is clear that you did not read the book but just watched the Disney cartoon.
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paragraph is so difficult for me.Please help me .........

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good but i have heard another story about this which is this that a boy is losing him self
in jungle .
but before all i should tell you that he wanted to go to jungle just for investigation and knowing himself that who is he and why he is here and what is his task in the world.
after wards he went to jungle he said with himself that tillever that i don't find my self i will not return back to home.
dear! he found himself after 3 years that what the peaple shout do and what is task of him in the world.
also he found that our peaple commit mistake in selecting or sth wich we do is not correct in our religion.
though which he did'nt find all the thing which can be great ledder but he was as able that the peaple thought that he really can be a ledder.
so my dear i read your story review that's why i came to write the same movie which i saw.
but one thing i want from you to say me that whom was the story about???and what was the name of person which now has a seperate religion....
your friend Rohullah Rahimi from pakistan

....from the west of the asia...bye