Actually,when I first time look at the title of this book, I thought it must be a very scary ghost story.But when I read the story,it quite interesting because it is not scary at all.This book was wrote by Oscar Wilde.The story had been filmed in 1944.The story is about a ghost which is live in a house.The ghost had died hundred years ago.The ghost scared everybody that live in the house.He loves doing what he had done before to all person that lived in the house.But everything is changing when a family from America decided to live in the house.The family already knows that there is a ghost in the house,but they do not believe in ghost.The family consist the parents and their four children.The head of the family is Mr.Hiram B. Otis.He is an American ambassador.The ghost plays many tricks to scare the family but they did not work.They ghost do the same thing that he had done to all families that lived in the house before.He think the family will scare of him and will move out from the house.It is very funny to read that all the tricks play by the ghost to scare the family did not work,but the family plays the same game and the ghost was scared by it.The only daughter in the family,Virginia is a kind-hearted girl.She become a friend to the ghost.One day,the ghost says that he want to 'sleep'.He take Virginia along with him to the Garden of Death.Finally,the family found the skeleton in a room.It was belonged to the ghost.The ghost was finally buried in peace.As ask by the ghost,Virginia always visite the ghost's grave and pray for him.Well,I love the ending of the story.It quite touching because the ghost that scared the town folks had gone and the ghost not really mean. Before he had gone forever,he has a friend that will pray for him.Everybody that love classic books should read this book.Maybe some of us do not believe in ghost,but there is always something around us that we cannot see.

p/s:please give a comment.
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1. Use paragraphs.

2. Check verb tenses. 'This book was written by' not 'wrote by' for example.
thanks for helping us for the exam tomorrow I hope your book review is correct
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Uhm.... I am an italian girl... I don't speak english very well, but your description about this book is perfect!!!!!!! It's all that i need!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

i read whatever you had written about this book n after readin it i felt that this book is really interstin......... thanx a lot....
Thank you for writing this report for my holiday homework.hope this is correct
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Thank you, I have to write a book review about this book. I read the book but I think this simply summary will be useful for me.
also at some places 'her' is used instead of 'his' for the ghost
actually we were having the hw to write the summary of canterville ghost thanks fr dis i will be taking dis i m from india up meerut,... himanshi
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