The Jungle Book Story is one of the interesting stories that ever written by Rudyard Kipling.The story tells of the child Mowgli who is a foundling brought up by wolves. He learns over time and due to the instructions of various animals mentors the rules or ‘Laws’ of the jungle. Key figures are the wise Black Panther, Bagheera, and Baloo the sleepy bear. Both of these friendly beasts contribute to the child’s education. We learn about the great enmity between Mowgli and the tiger Shere Khan who killed the boy’s parents. Bagheera and Baloo rescue Mowgli, but he still feels friendless and strays into the hangout of vultures who at first tease him and then make friends with him. Then Shere Khan arrives, and it seems that Mowgli must face him alone. Brave Baloo tackles the tiger, but is beaten and left for dead. The vultures save Mowgli, and Shere Khan is scared off by fire when lightning strikes a tree. Baloo turns out to be very much alive, and Mowgli is overjoyed to think he can remain in the jungle after all. But a chance Baloo turns out to be very much alive,and Mowgli is overjoyed to think he can remain in the jungle after all.But chance meeting with a Girl Cub proves a stronger attraction,and Bagheera and Baloo depart in the knowledge that Mowgli is best left with his own kind. This story portrays the natural world and especially its creatures in a logical manner, entertaining to adult and child alike. The simplicity of the concept have made The Jungle Booka lasting influence on the young.Emotion: smile

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