I was reading the text below when I came across 'boot ball'. I was not able to find any reliable explanations on the internet. Does anyone know what 'boot ball' is and what it means in this context?

Thank you for your help.

The field must be rectangle, that's pretty much it. Soccer field size depends on good judgment of how many players on each side. and the size of your goals. The more you coach the better you will get at judging a field size. You want it big enough to keep ball in play but small enough to engage all players and prevent boot ball. To be considered true international competition basic soccer rules (11 vs 11) field must be:
My guess is that it refers disparagingly to a style of playing whereby the players simply kick ("boot") the ball as hard as they can up the field.

I could be wrong, but I'd understand it to mean something like 'You want a short-passing game with the players using their skills to keep the ball under control - not one where a player justs boots the ball up the field and runs after it. That would just be a boot ball game'

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I found this:

Boot ball is generally when a team decides that their defensive strategy is to"boot" the ball (kick the ball hard with little control), in an effort to clear the ball quickly and easily to the other side of the field. This style has its advantages and disadvantages though. It works well sometimes for younger inexperienced teams, because the likelihood of getting scored on is less; however, it makes it harder for the offensive players to then control the ball and have an opportunity to score. There is a good chance, especially if the team has poor ball handling and control skills, that the team booting the ball will regularly loose possession of the ball and have to face a counterattack. Applying this strategy also diminishes the learning of technical foot skills that can be used tactically during the game. Boot ball is certainly not a tactical or technical approach, and is hard to apply when using other strategies.

I'm sure that's right. In the UK, it is sometimes referred to, without criticism, as the 'long ball game'. It can also be called 'kick and rush'

I found this in an article on soccer terms for (ignorant) Americans:

BOOTER: Ugh! This, I suspect, is the invention of some deservedly obscure headline writer looking for an easy way of identifying soccer players. The word has an aura of heavy clumsiness about it, and no self-respecting soccer enthusiast should be caught dead using it. In any case, "to boot" has a more specific soccer meaning and should not be used as though it means simply "to kick." To boot the ball in soccer is to kick it hard and long and usually high; an aimless, thoughtless sort of wallop that is the very antithesis of good soccer.
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Thank you all! All very helpful answers. I get it know.
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boot ball is getting a ball and dropping it and then kick it while in mid air i v

could be wrong tho