"You have to be smart. Try to keep the team morale, but don't go against the boss or her. She's got the boss's....ear.

--- What does it mean that "she's got the boss's ear"? Does it mean that she can hear everything?

Hi Newguest

This reminds me of the saying, 'Walls have ears'. It means 'something you say to warn someone that it is not safe to speak at that particular time because other people might be listening' (Cambridge)

She's got the boss's ear would mean that she would tell her boss what she knows. Much like an 'informant'.

This is how I would interpret it.Emotion: smile


So, actually, I was right writing that it means that she probably hears everything Emotion: smile

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Yes Emotion: smile. And that she would share what she heard with the boss.

Exactly. Thanks.
Not exactly. It means the boss will listen to her and that she has easy access to the boss to tell him what she wants to tell him (and he will be likely to believe it).
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Ah, I see. Thanks GG. Emotion: smile