as I know, "both" is used with two objecs, like "both A and B have their impact on something".

In case I have three object, says, A, B, C, how can I express the idea that each of these three object has its impact on someting. Is there any equivalent word of "both" in this case?

thank you!
both A and B have their impact on something.

A, B and C all have their impact on something.
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I'm looking for the same word since I am a violin teacher; we use four fingers on the fingerboard so all would mean four. I could say: "Keep both, the first and second finger, on the fingerboard" or "Keep all (meaning all four) fingers on the fingerboard" Maybe you could say: "Keep thri, the first, second and fourth finger, on the finger board..." Fernando Medina

I had the same question for my Social Studies paper, and I thought of putting it as "together."