a bottle/jar of Heinz

a bottle/jar of peanut butter

a bottle/ jar of honey

Which countable noun is correct? Thanks in advance.
bottle, jar, jar
My brain has to see the narrowing neck before it switches from "jar" to "bottle".
All cross sections of a jar are the same size.
Cross sections of a bottle become smaller as they are taken from higher and higher parts of the object.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Emotion: big smile
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Thank you, CJ. I'm a big fan of your stories Emotion: smile
By the way, if the container is shaped into a bear as some honey containers do, I believe I should call it a bottle based on your definition.
Yes, that would be appropriate -- but don't be surprised if someone calls it a jar!
CalifJimdon't be surprised if someone calls it a jar!
Ummm.. thanks for the note.
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