Some of the teachers here working for a language school in Malta (Elanguest) sent us this link. Looks like Mr. Pitt has been bumping into their students and was nice enough to let them take a pic or two..

[url=""]Brad Pitt in Malta photos![/url] <- Look for the pic, odd face he's pulling though!?
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when is the film comign out, its called Troy yes?
Yep, called Troy. (Not Helen of Troy i think, just TROY?) He's been here since around May and i think leaves in summer sometime.

O, and Sharon Stone is here too apparently (for a different film)
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Don't forget to mention for all the guys that Jennifer Aniston was here last week (I'm not too sure if she's still here spying on her beloved!)

Jennifer, if you read this post - he's not worth it!
Yep, they were cruising around on some yacht. Half the world's paparazzi was there filming them from the shore.. (paparazzi = pure evil + aren't they ashamed?)
Just let us know if hugh Grant ever visits your island, will you Hitch?
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Hehe, yep, Beckam is here too I think... is that any good?
All I can say is, Brad wait for me until I'm on the island, Jennifer, Shmennifer, what you want is a shmooooliiiietttte!!!!!
Down shmools, down!Emotion: smile You'll get yer day, we're all gonna be there with cameras too!
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