I need to change motherboard and hard drives. Is there an easy way to do this without having to manually reconfigure all my software and OS settings? Configuring my ISP, ADSL box and router was a nightmare last time, because everything here is in Japanese.
Would creating an image of my hard drive be barking up the right tree?
I have another machine ready to go here with all new goodies. Can I get the contents of the old drive (including O.S. etc etc. etc.) that runs this machine into the new machine in some easy way?

Thanks in advance,
Are you swapping your motherboard with an identical one? I guess no.
In that case, I recommend you install a brand new fresh OS and configure it utterly, even if it is a pain in the arse.

There is another way though...using a software solution as 'drive image'. It allows to create an exact compressed image of your hard drive(s) and burn it on a bootable DVD.

http://www.drive-image.com /

Anyway, I assume you 'll have to pay to use it....And you might face side effects when restoring your image on a different hardware configuration (especially with a different motherboard).

Finally, you won't be able to save 'system data' on your second machine (registry, peripherals configuration...) hence you shouldn't experiment thath method.

If I were you, I would reinstall everything from scratch.
(and I know what I am talking about)


Thanks Gniagnia.

How about if I copied the image to a new partition on a drive in the new machine? Would I be able to choose between booting to the existing XP OS on that machine, and the newly copied image?

Thanks :-)
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Unfortunately no Emotion: sad

To implement a dual boot, you must install each system normally.
Copying a system image by hand on a drive partition will not generate the essential boot loading information.

Thanks for the prompt answer Gniagnia :-)
Maybe the easiest solution is for me to find a new ISP that offers English support.
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome Emotion: smile

Good luck !
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