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"Yiannis" > However, naming the country as simply Macedonia, would be as

nonsensical as calling a country Balkans, or Europe. Macedonia is ... the name of the ancient Greek tribe of the Macedonians.

try http://historyofmacedonia.org / for a different veiw. Al the Great wasn't a Greek and Macedonians weren't Greeks. Macedon was culturally swamped ... other than barbarians, much as the Chinese veiwed their Mongol masters. Macedonians can call their country any name they want.

With name like O'Hara you show lots of concern about macedonia.Stop posting this crap mako/wacko.
My fav bit of the site is where the:
Slavic Emperor of Byzantium Basileus II the "Macedonoktonus" (hmphmphmph) of the Macedonian dynasty..

... destroys the "Macedonian" Empire of the "Macedonian" Czar Samuel!!


Are these guys CONFUSED or what?
Sad, sad Self-Hating Slavs.
BTW What is it with you guys going for them Western names? Are you ashamed of your proud Slavic heritage? Why? It includes such men as Alexander the Great and Czar Samuel!!
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