Hi everyone!

Would anybody by any chance know how to say PAGAR MICO in English?

You use this expression when you say that you did something embarassing in front of people, like wearing red to a "black and white party".

Thanks in advance!

Cristiane Vicentini
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Can you think of any other, using a verb, for instance?

I thought of "putting your foot in your mouth", but that is not possible when you do something ridiculous (such as a person who can't sing, after a few shots of vodka, singing terribly at a karaoke bar). The next day the people would say (you certainly "... pagar mico..." last night!)
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'You certainly made a fool of yourself last night!' is appropriate, but is rather cruel to say to a guy with a hangover.
And if we were to translate literally "PAGAR MICO " into English, what would it give?
Hi Pieanne,

Sorry it took so long to reply: the literal translation of Pagar Mico would be something like (pay the jinx). Mico is the monkey or animal that exists in the game JOKER (or something like that), and if you get it, you lose the game
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You made a fool of yourself sounds great! I guess it´s the closest to what I mean. Thank you so much Mister Macawber!
What means "fio dentale" in english? (It's Brasil slang)

I think it means 'dental floss', eg (as slang) she is wearing a fio dentale bikini.

Where's Davkett? We need a picture here!

Best wishes, Clive
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