Hey, I'm Rodrigo, 26 yr old, Brazilian, I speak Português, Español and English. 日本語の学生。
This is me
I'm looking for friends from other countries, mostly Japanese and English natives...
(I'm also straight and commited)
Best Regards to all!
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Hello, Rodrigo! Welcome to the forum! Have fun.
bem vindo ai rodrigão!
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Hey, Ruslana, Thanks for the welcoming and for posting here...
You actually live in Russia or the nick comes from your interest in the country?
Best Regards, and Happy New Year (Around here I'm still in the old year... lol)
Valeu, cara!!!
Rodrigo, what does BSB part means in your nickname? BackStreet Boys? Emotion: big smile

Yup, I'm living in Russia. Emotion: wink
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Yuck, no Back Street Boys at all.................
bsb is a short for my home city, Brasília... (I don't really know the reason for the short)
I already told you that, I'm answering here to defend my honour...
Hello Brazsilian .Happy new year ,i wish is not too late.

Brazil is famed for its great sports game -football.I like it very much .
Wish to make friend with you.

Have a nice day!
I suppose the reason for BSB is something like Brasília is Back. Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: big smile
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