Too many books in this genre have little to say that hasn't already been said a thousand times, and they're just too hyper-focused on mistakes, a focus which has a way of inculcating a sort of paranoia amongst writers who follow the one-size-fits-all dictums too rigidly. Imagine the way a runner might tip-toe through a minefield. That's the kind of writing these other books bread.
Quoted from a customer review on Amazon.com , the first one by Daniel Roth.

What does the "bread" mean here?
Would it be a typo?
Or is it of a slang use?
I know that "bread" has a verbal use after a look-up in the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary [link ], but I fail to contextualized the situation...Emotion: hmm

Should have been "breed" - cause to be created
Or perhaps they meant "bred," the past tense of "breed," which is pronounced the same as "bread."