Tell me what "break down" exactly means in the following quote? Does it literally mean "destroy"?

[i second that... however, when working on the road, and living out of hotels which may or may not provide wifi, consoles are a life saver especially when we can get adjoining rooms and take a couple other tvs from our other rooms for our crew and link up and get busy... definitely more portable than my desktop, however i do bring it with me from time to time... i am going to break down and get a laptop...]
Teleostomi i am going to break down and get a laptop.
It means I am going to (finally) give in and get a laptop - in other words he/she has been resisting buying one
Teleostomii am going to break down and get a laptop..
break down = give in, stop resisting, yield to necessity

"(finally) break down and ..." is finally to do something after knowing for a long time that it probably should be done or that it will have to be done eventually.
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I see 'finally' here as meaning after all/ after everything

eventually to me implies that the eventual outcome has some certainty - but I could be wrong
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