Clark: lt's dangerous out here.
Keeping you out of trouble
has become a bad habit of mine Besides, it gives me a good opportunity
to say goodbye.

Lois: You can't break up with me, (Does break up mean also to
say goodbay and she's making a word play?)Clark.
We're not even a couple.

Clark: Lois, l'm leaving Smallville after Lana's funeral.
Lois: Wow. Didn't see that coming.
Where are you running away to? Refering to runaway from home?

Clark: Up north. There's something l need to do.

Lois: What about the farm?
You can't let the corn die on the vine. What does she mean by that?
Aren't the corn and the vine two different plants?
Clark: My neighbor, Ben Hubbard,
he's gonna run things for a while.
1. break up means to terminate a relationship. What play on words are you thinking of?
2. This is a play on the term run away from.
3. You can't start something and then not finish it (let the corn die).
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1. Well she says is herself they're not a couple. Then what break is she talking about?
3. Oh, so she means the corn to be on its own just like a vine. Is that it?
Philip, could you please elaborate a little more on this one
'You can't let the corn die on the vine.'?
The guy really has got a farm.