I want two things, Penny Baxter!

I want to be in at the death of Old Slewfoot (a mean fierce bear), and I want that dog...

(A rifle) Right from England!

No muzzle loading. Fill your own shells, breech her, c-o-c-k her. Then you're ready for anything.

What do "breech her" and "cock her" refer to in the above? Thanks.

By the way, why doesn't "c-o-c-k her" show up if I type it without hyphens in the middle?
Do a search for
breech loading dictionary
at Yahoo
Go to a good dictionary:


Search for c_o_c_k (with no underlines)
and read all definitions for it at [1, noun], including 5
then read all definitions for it at [2, verb], including 3