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That last comment was mean and unneccessary.

In response to the English A level person, don't try to always take the easy route- the Donnelly twins are extremely important presences in the novels, about the novel's themes and message in general... their absence is important, as is Sarah's lack of speech.
Anyway, I guess you've talked about the incident between Manus and his father with the crib? (how one of them feels that they owe the other something... can't remember exactly) and how Hugh seems to favour Owen? Are you writing such a basic independent essay or what?
AnonymousThat last comment was mean and unneccessary.
It was neither mean nor unnecessary. If someone is writing in English, then using the proper structures enables others to tell if they have a reasonable understanding of grammar, syntax and spelling. To omit capitalization and punctuation is often merely laziness.
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i'm confused. how do we know the donnelly twins are responisble for Yolland's murder? and how are we even supposed to extract the idea that he is dead from the play?
The movement in Ireland at the time was known as the Irish Brotherhood, or the Irish Republicain Brotherhood. Fighting along the same lines as the IRA and had support in the USA aswell. Donelly Twins are a great subject for an essay especially if you like the setting and historical background of the play. Hope that helps.
the donnelly twins do symbolize IRA The play is not about the time period it is about the English/irish Question so even thought its based in 1833 its has more stuff from the 1990s in it cos thats what its all about

the donnelly twins ARE the IRA in a way they symboize the ireland that wants to fight back
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I know this topic is about the Donelly twins. But since you all are familiar with the play, I would like to ask you about Hugh's understanding of the English language. In Act One, it seems that Hugh does not understand what Lancey is saying on remapping, yet he agrees and shows his enthusiasm. Is it because he is drunk? Or is it because he has a limited understanding of English?
I have just recently remembered that I posted to this forum some years ago, in 2005 I believe, and at the time I was studying English Lit A level. I had totally forgotten that I had even studied Translations in all honesty.. it was 7 years ago after all! However, what I have noticed upon returning is that comments like your own were unhelpful and irrelevant, especially to a student who clearly knew how to capitalise as they were eligible to take the course in the first place. I know this because I am now, after completing A levels, a degree in English and a PGCE Level 7, a Teacher of English myself. I teach several A level courses in a local high school and enjoy actually helping students understand texts such as Friel's. Thus, possibly several years too late, I would like to say... knob off.
Best reply ever.
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Some of us have spent years here trying to help people, often offering lengthy and substantive assistance. In that context, it can be annoying when people who clearly know better simply do not bother to use their best English when they ask for our help. It seems rude to me.

I'm glad that you have done well, and I am happy Emotion: smile to see that you have now taken the time to use capitals in your post. If you have any spare time, it would be great if you could volunteer a little bit of it to help learners on our Forum.

Good luck to you,