hey, i was wondering if anyone has read or studied Brian Friel's 'Translations' as i could really do with some help on an essay im about to begin. the question is to do with the Donelly twins, so if anyone knows anything, could they post back to this and i can go into more detail. (y)
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Hey, I'm studying Translations as well, although I'm not getting very far with it! I'm doing a question at the minute which debates about whether or not Hugh is "a changed man" by the end of the play. As for the Donelly twins, I'm not sure if I'll be much help to you but if you give me the question I'll give it a go!
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Here's a good one:


You can make your own assumptions on the Donnelly Twins, which I think is actually the point of mentioning them.

The Donnelly Twins are held ultimately accountable for the murder of Leftenant Yolland. We know this, and the Irish characters of the play know this, but Lancey does not. His true colours come out as soon as the oppurtunity presents itself.

The Donnelly Twins are crafty characters, and, throughout the play, they are portrayed as conniving and in some instances 'dodgy'. They are the people that our protagonists refer to when they are looking for someone who will know how to defend the village of Baile Beag when the Imperial Army finally invades, and they are referred to as 'capable of defending themselves', again referring to their violent capacities.

hope this helps

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hi, yes I have studied it, what is your question. I too have one, what are all the small lies?
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I have the feeling that the Donelly twins are supposed to represent some early form of the IRA. .. Irish resistance growing in the background during the invasion of Ireland by the British.
hey ive just studied brain freil translations and man the coursework is challenging! doing one about the Donelly twins is the hardest one id say because they never appear do they, so really all you can say is that it seems they are a threat because no-one will talk about them and stuff like that. cant you chose a different one to do to make it easier?? im doing one about Manus and Hugh's relationship its quite easy ive got C but my teacher said i need to organise it and i dont get how to organise A Level coursework hehe any ideas please people ??

thanks x

Here's a quick and general comment.

If you want to do A level work, you need to use capital letters and correct punctuation. If you don't, it will make your writing hard to understand and the reader will just assume that it's not worth reading.

Can you revise your paragraph and repost it?

Best wishes, Clive
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