What does "Brick-and-hoagie-town" mean? It's an assinment question for 6th grade reading that I must answer, by tomorrow (September 9th, 2011) please respond by then! Thank you so much, unless you don't answer. Then you'd be a jerk. But if you answer you won't be. Thank you.
Oh, suggesting that we might be jerks is really going to motivate us to help you!

Is this a question based on something you were suppose to read? Have you read it?
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Well, it's way past september 9th of 2011, but i also have this question for my 6th grade reading, also due the 9th, and i still havent figured out what this means. did you find an answer?

This is hilarious. Thank you for cracking me up. Kids have so much to learn about social etiquette in writing emails and posts.