What's the difference between brief and debrief?


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To brief is to give a short verbal update on events. To debrief is to receive a short verbal update on events. A debriefing usually occurs after an event, while a briefing often occurs before or during an event.
Thanks Mister Micawber. Now I grasp its nuance.

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Dear Mister Micawber,

What an awesome write-up! Crisp and crystal clear. Thanks.

Do people also say something like, "The pilot was debriefed after his mission."?

With folded palms,

Yes, that's what they say in the movies, anyway.
thanks alot. perfect explaniation
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So, it really doesn't have anything to do with taking your underwear on or off. Emotion: smile I see. Actually, my wife asked me and I gave her a similar explanation but considered looking it up as well. I agreed with your explanation...very clear and concise, however, I just asked her if she wanted to debrief me for fun in about 10 minutes or so...
Thanks Mister Micawber!!! Emotion: smile
For brief, how can someone be updated on events or a situation before they happen (per your explaination)? A briefing is always an update with the current available info.
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