Is anybody interested in discussing this arduous matter?
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Hey maj,

Hic hic, it's really a difficult matter for me especially at this moment. Anyway, as a women I have to study it. Everybody has any experience or ideas ?

It is a very very important topic, for which all of us must share our thoughts, as we already passed from that age, so what we expected from our parents, and what could we not get, in future it will help us to nourish our children.

Most important think is what we used to aspect from our parents at the time of childhood, and now being a adult, time to think, are all those demand were right, (demand might be from Chocklate to toys... etc)

As in Vedas written about children:- " Let them(children) do till 6yrs of age what ever they want to do(It has limitations also, something might harm them, so we have to take care.) that is the age when they learn, till 12 yrs let them play, as they can,(Study also must be there, but Emphasise must be on Physical activity) this is the age when they will make their muscles as Iron and nerves as Stell. and 12-18 yrs children must be trained as hard as can, because this is the age, when they become a gentlemen, they frame their picture, they make their fate,(Not luck, i would like to write about Luck seperately)....etc. After 18 years of age parents must start behave as a friend, they must share thier experiences with children.

Parents must try to read, and understand their children, and Children also try to Listen them. After 18years of age children needs a very very close friend, and pesonally i think that parents must play that role( A close friend). Children want to share himself.

(I would like to write, to say something is so easy, but in practical it seems very tough, that time it seems looking after children is very very hard task, and it is the toughest task of life.)
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i agree with you. It's one of the toughest tasks.
i agree too! and its true that parents should be their friends so that they dont go outside in search of company, and eventually end up in bad company (parents' biggest fear!)
some parents dont treat their children, the way children expect ...
What you are saying super interesting. Can you be a bit more explicit? What ages are u talking about?
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Parents are the most influential role models children are likely to have. Parents who pay compliments and show respect, kindness, honesty, friendliness, hospitality and generosity to their children will encourage them to behave in the same way.

Parents should express their unconditional love for their children, as well as provide them with the continued support they need to become self-assured and happy.

It is also important that parents set reasonable expectations for their children and tell them in plain words what they expect from them.
These days Living of children also has become a tough task.
Do you agree.
Hi maj,

You asked:
Is anybody interested in discussing this arduous matter?
Yes, the topic is very interesting and ceratinly worthy of discussion and scrutiny. I'd like to ask all of you: do you bring up your children in different ways basing on their gender? If yes, how? And why?
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