this guy is very good at different British accents. Cockney is right at the end as that seems to be a popular one to discuss at the moment.
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I was working in a Hotel with a Scottish Chef, this summer, and his accent was extremely difficult for my Emotion: sad

I can't understand what says he after the word "bastard"... it sounds like "guancard" .... what says?

Do people in the UK speak that way? Emotion: tongue tied Aaaaaaargh! There's a lot of things I can't understand, sometimes it sounds like he's not even speaking English! Anyway I have to say that I'm not used to British accents, since I always listen to American stuff.

You found a good video Nona, lots of accents all together. [y]
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I'm afraid that yes, most people will have a regional accent of one type or another. For a small country we have a lot of different accents. And no, we can't always understand each other either!

Which is why I always tell those who are learning English not to worry about having their 'native' accent. We are used to all sorts...Emotion: smile
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not sure...possibly wan ker.

I hope he wasn't saying it to you.
what is the meaning of "wan ker"?
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It's a rude name to call's only one word really but I had to split it in two otherwise the censor function on this site would have blanked it out. Go and google it as one word and you'll get the idea.

On the other hand, it's not always meant that offensively...some people just use words like this a lot with their friends...
I do like the British accent which is being used on BBC kind of channels... What do you call that exactly?

Probably RP, but they also use a lot of people with regional accents too.
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