Over time languages develop, especially English. Is American English a development of British English or should it now be considered entirely different; which would you rather learn?
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lol maj ! good one !

I like knowing as much as i can about both. Hate being caught out !!!! Even though i don't think that i will EVER accept the american past tense of 'drag' as 'drug' !!!!!!

I confess that I do occassionally find myself using 'gotten' though !!! As in 'it's gotten warmer over the past few days' !!! *** Oh and american spelling is easier too. Centre/Center drives me MAAAAADDDDDD !!!!!!!!! For a good read about how british english morphed into american english try Bill Bryson's Made in America and Mothertongue. Both BRILLIANT books. I absolutely LOVE the man. gush.
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the same guy who wrote Notes From A Small island?
YES YES YES I LOVE HIM !!! ok sorry i'll behave now !
What's wrong with "gotten" then??
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nothing wrong with the word. American people use it all the time.
" I confess that I do occassionally find myself using 'gotten' though "

That would indicate something is not right about using "gotten".
would this indicate that there something wrong about using American E.? don' t they speak English?
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