I would like to know if you know a web page or a software in order to practice the british accent, intonation and word pronunciation.

I love English accent. and I want to practice it and polish it.

Thank you in advance!!
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I agree. So this forum is a good place for us to study English.
I would like to learn the British English accent and i would like to know any software to learn pronounciation.

Thank You in advance.
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hello! i'm searching for something like that too. did you find anything?? if you did, please let me know because i'm very very interested.

Thank you very much.


Hi try this, it is free.

Hello Bluealbatross,

May I suggest you use a service such as Skype, which for a very nominal charge can permit you to phone other countries. You can either buy a subscription, or just deposit some currency to cover the calls you'll make, which are clear and extremely cheap.

I suggest this because it lets you phone 'natives' in the country of your choice permitting you to practice listening to their accent -- which is very good to do by phone.

You could call hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to listen to the native speakers. You wouldn't have to arrange an actual hotel reservation, just ask about the city or the hotel, etc. The same with restaurants.

You could also borrow or buy 'books on tape' (today surely on books on CD) to listen to a native speaker read on a topic that interest's you in the accent you enjoy.

Of course, this system eliminates any feedback on your learning, but it does let you imitate what you hear (and what you already obviously admire... the British accent).

This suggestion is coming from an English teacher in São Paulo SP Brasil... a native N.Am. speaker.

Good luck to you, Bluealbatross!!
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Hello,I know it's quite late,but,Let me share the links I know.

They are

www.englishforums.com(This is one of the best websites I know)






I will share more sites next time.

Good Day!


List of British English Accent pronunciation Software



Oxford English Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary


Good Day!
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