hi everyone,

who can tell me about the superiority of british english than the american one or vice versa?

which one is better and proper english?

thank you in advance

neither of them is superior to the other. Thinking so is pure wishful thinking. There is a lot of literature on the subject, but on the whole, AmE seems more standardised, while BrE preserves traditions. AmE is excercising influence on other varieties of English. BrE is experiencing that, too (take the -ise --- -ize forms, for instance). On the whole, both varieties deserve attention, but you should choose one specific variety to adjust your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to it. This largely depends on your choice of educational establishment, place of living, working, etc. Here is a link to the comparison of the two varieties:


Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
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tanx alot dear Gleb that was so helpful
imantaghavitanx alot dear Gleb that was so helpful
Respectfully, imantaghavi, "tanx" is neither American nor British, but text-style jargon. If you're going to write with so-called words like that, it doesn't matter which path you claim to follow.

Please rember that English requires capital letters and punctuation to be correct.

Also, "a lot" is two words. Many native speakers make this mistake as well, but if you're working on learning English, it's good to note this.
Greetings, dear friends,

Barbara's advice is as sound as ever. Even 'tanx' is strange as an IM abridgement; illiterate and hasty Internet users usually use one of the following to say 'thanks/thank you' (as if these words were the same length as the word antidisestablishmentarianisms): THNQ, TY, TUVM, TYVM, 10X, TX, TNX. Don't use them, however, it's no good.

Correct punctuation would like like this in your sentence:

Thanks a lot, dear Gleb, that was so helpful.

- you need to separate the address ('dear Gleb' in this case) with two commas.

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
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Thanks. Since I was in rush I made such mistakes.