Hello there,

I've had this problem for some time. It is about translating 2 words into British English, so they sound natural and native.

1. The first word describes a person who is a combination of "stig+beggar+wino+rough sleeper", or a homeless drinker. Is there a single word to describe such a person? In Polish we have it, it's "żul, or menel". I've found some translations like "bum" or "hobo" but they are American English, is it true? What's the best BE word?

2. Another word I cannot find a British English equivalent of is "home-made spirit". In Poland you can make it for your own use at home, in English it is called "moonshine", "hooch" or "mountain dew", again they are labelled as Americanisms. What is the name for legally/illegally made strong alcohol, not necessarily whisky, in British English?

Great thanks in advance for your devoted time.


The formal word could be "vagrant."

A "hobo" is old fashioned. It referred to men who traveled around the country by jumping on freight trains.

A "wino" is a vagrant addicted to alcohol.