In the UK you may be called different ‘affectionate’ names, depending on your Sex, age and location.

In a recent news report, Bus drivers in Brighton and Hove have been told not to call passengers "babe" or any such familiar terms. The bus company has received complaints that these terms are offensive.

There are a number of expressions which we can use to address one another. This is not always Mr, Sir, Mrs, Miss etc. Expressions such as ‘sunshine’, ‘duck’, ‘babe’, ‘flower’, ‘chuck’, ‘love’, ‘darling’ are often used in the UK.

You may hear someone saying this to you when you are in a cafe or even shopping. These are British slangs that make up part of the culture.

Some find it affectionate and endearing to address strangers like this, but some find it patronising because you feel belittled by someone.

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Oh, please call me 'Sunshine'!