Well, it's almost time to pull up a chair, turn the volume up, drink lots of beer (or whatever turns you on) and enjoy the noise and excitement of the British Grand Prix.

Any hot tips? Button, Alonso, Truli or the dreaded (by some) Michael Schoecreamacher?

Gentlemen, start your VCR'***.

*Only in regions where copyrite does not apply, or if you forget to put a tape in the machine.
Go Mark Webber from Australia driving the Jaguar!
So it is MS again. Without competition any sport becomes dull. F1 this year is no exception either. Last year Montoya did stand a realistic change to make it to the top. This time he has had hardly any podium finishes. To make things worse for the other constructors, Barrichello almost always manages to end up in the top five. I don't need to be a clairvoyant to predict the results for the next race.
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Again, Ferraris.....!! M Schumacher has been sweeping almost all the championships so far....!
(Only in Monaco other driver won the race..... Trulli, if my memory is correct.)

I'm glad Kimi Raikkonen finally stood on the podium of F1 for this year! Emotion: wink
Go Renault, go! Emotion: smile Next race will be held in Germany.
Yeah, well done Kimi Raikonen!
Also, well done Barichello - always the groomsman never the groom. I wonder whether it's tough driving in MS's shadow all the time.

Great to see Truli walk away from his smash. What a spectacle! Not much left of that Renault.
Lol, what a compliment! The groomsman nerver the groom!!! Emotion: smile
Barichello.... will he become the groom some day?? ...with someone(MS) following behind....??
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Schum is simply superb.... (g)