I'm 20 years old and have been learning English for nearly 10 years now.

I'd like to speak English as an 'original' Briton. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking of just speaking the British version of the English. I want to speak the language as beautiful as a native speaker.

Is this possible? Film stars are taught somehow to speak a language perfectly (e.g. Arnold Swarchenegger).

I'm aware that this might take a lot of time and money on my part.
Is this possible? Film stars are taught somehow to speak a language perfectly (e.g. Arnold Swarchenegger).

For all his proficiency, I can still hear a slight streak of German in his voice Emotion: smile and not only I. But you have to hand it to him - his accent is almost untainted.

In all honesty, I assume it is possible, although the road to that goal is long and arduous. Some people pick up accents with more ease than others, how fast you'll be picking up a British accent depends largely on your ability (also it depends on how much time you'll be spending daily working towards aquiring a British accent, on the teaching material you'll be using).

In passing, there are a great deal of British accents in the UK, I take it you are more interested in so called "received pronunciation" ?
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If you are interested in Received_Pronunciation see this ICALwiki article http://icalweb.com/wiki/index.php?title=Received_Pronunciation
It's a question of taste, I suppose, and I would not recommend diving too deep into extinguishing differences and trying to get the perfect accent or received pronunciation which, at last, cannot be attained unless you're living, let say, in Britain or the USA. English has been turning into an international language (if not has become it what has already happened, in my opinion) and mingling with rather big quantities of unpleasant contributors whose aim is only to grasp the basics. I doubt that goal is worth the candles to get a perfect accent, but I'm myself rather fastidious about proper English. And I'm awed by soft pronunciation of Londoners Emotion: nodding

By the way it's more serious trouble not to know one's own language and I've got plenty of examples.