Could someone, possibly a native speaker, help me with pronunciation of certain words? How do you pronounce words like watch, long and body, for example? I always thought it sound like long, bodi and wotch (hope you understand since I'm not using phonetic symbols) until I took a look in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English by A.S. Hornby where I found it sound more like lan, badi and watch (a sound between a and o) so I'm little bit confused:)
Well I'm a native Brit and your first suggestions sound perfect to me.
The same phonetic symbol is used to describe pronunciations of words like arm, art, arch etc. I'm not sure what to think:)
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Is it giving you the US pronounciation? That would sound more like the a sound?
Yes, and according to Dictionary pronunciation sounds more
like "o" sound!
For me, both the open-mid back rounded vowel and the open back unrounded vowel are allophones of the same vowel.
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You must use the phonetic symmols for the pronounciation of any word if you have any problem.
The the letters a and o in the words watch, long and body, have a certain sound that is the same. The sound is different in North American English, from the English kind of English.

Pronouncing the words as laang, badi and waatch is North American (American and Canadian). This is because North Americans do not pronounce the shorter o sound that English people do. In the English kind of English, the words would be pronounced as long, bodi and wotch, involving the same kind of shorter o sound that also exists in many other languages around the world.
English kind of English? What's wrong with calling it standard British English?
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