Which one do you prefer? And the reason behind it? Thank you.
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Good to see you're back Grace. I think I would definitely say that I am happy with Americans who are easy to understand and British people with no heavy local accent. So long as the billion people or more who speak English can understand each other I think that is all I would
be worried about. Some English accents are appealing as are some American accents. Do not forget Australian, Canadian , New Zealand, South African accents etc.
Thank you so much, David. And I'm happy to see you too. As far as myself is concerned, I love British style and the pronounciation and intonation as well. But I have to say my pronounciation is American because American pronounciation is so popular and American culture is the main stream nowadays. The more heard, the more learned. Hehe. I posted this topic because I'm thinking whether I should change my pronounciation and what I should do to change it as well as possible. It's such a hard job to change one's accent. I have to make a correct decision since I'm afraid to have neither of the two pronounciations.
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I would love to be able to switch from American to British at will! Sadly, it takes a ton of work for the accent to sound authentic. But it can be done, even without moving to either the US or the UK. British pronunciation and intonation sounds so regal. I wish I had the patience and skill to learn it!
It sounds as though you are talking about the British accent R.P.

Can I point out that few native Brits speak in this way? Most of us have regional accents, which will vary a bit according to 'class' and background of the speaker. R.P. is seen as a 'posh' accent and is spoken by a minority.
I love to hear English which is well spoken and with not too heavy an accent. I have listened to Australians, Canadians, Germans etc. who speak English well and it really is a great joy. An Indian Judge I spoke to really had mastered the language beautifully. I must admit that I have been fortunate enough to listen to many foreigners speaking English very well with not too heavy an accent. Sometimes a British dialect is far more difficult to understand.
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And what do you think of the pronounciation of Webster Dictionary?
I love British pronouncation though it's difficult to understand it. I don't know, i just love to listen it Emotion: smile
Its gonna be British English! As i speak British English and it has its own 'POSH' and class rather than American English Emotion: stick out tongue no offence lol personal comment
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