I'm switching from American punctuation to British punctuation and would like to start punctuating as the British do right away. Please help me out. I thank you in advance for your feedback. Thanks so much. I am very grateful.

Please place an answer next to each one so that it is clear which sentence is the correct one.

In British punctuation, is 1 or 2 preferred below?
1. He said, "I love you".
2. He said, "I love you."

In British punctuation, is 1 or 2 preferred below?
1. I said, "I cannot do this."
2. I said, "I cannot do this".

Are these two correct with British punctuation?

‘HAL said, “Good morning, Dave” ’, recalled Frank. Yes or no?
“HAL said, ‘Good morning, Dave’ ”, recalled Frank. Yes or no?

John said, "I am going to the movies." Period inside the quotes in British punctuation? Yes or no?

Place the "a", "e", "i" outside the parentheses.


John said, "Be quiet!" Exclamation point goes inside the quotation marks because it's quoted material, correct?

And how about these? Are they correct w/British punctuation?
The buried treasure was marked on the map with a large "X". Yes or no?
The only grade that will satisfy her is an "A". Yes or no?
On this scale, the highest ranking is a "1", not a "10". Yes or no?

Is the sentence below perfectly punctuated with with the single quotes and commas outside each quoted letter per British style?

His 'a', 'f', and 'q' need to be written more clearly.

In British English, the punctuation goes within the quotation marks when the quotation is a complete sentence, but when the quotation is only an excerpt of the whole quotation the punctuation goes outside the quotation marks. Can you please show me a couple of example sentences illustrating this rule? I don't really understand this at all. Thanks again.

Thanks again, and enjoy your Fourth of July.
victoThanks again, and enjoy your Fourth of July.
You may enjoy it too, even though you're abandoning us for the British punctuation. [<:o)]
(We're celebrating our independence from the British, you know.) Emotion: big smile
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Mister Micawber, can you kindly answer each one? Emotion: smile
And, would these be correct as well?

Bob said that this "is not our fight". Yes or no?

Bob said, "This is not our fight." Yes or no?

"Give me your name", John said, "and your address." Yes or no?

Comma outside the quotes in the first part of sentence, and the period inside the quotes in the second part of the sentence?

If you could answer these two, plus the questions at the top (in the first thread), I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks, and have a great 4th!!!!
Anybody? Purdy please?Emotion: wink
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