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"... Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) ... The dry stems were traditionally cut in winter and used for smoking ..."


"... No one knows the feast’s origins. Father Josep Palomer, in an article in Vida Parroquial (Parish Life) in December 1948, explained that the tradition came from a gathering at the Chapel of Mercy on the eve of the Immaculate Conception. “It was attended by all Arenys-ians, who let their children got together and smoke cigarettes of Old Man’s Beard [Clematis vitalba], crumble fennel and smoke its seeds rolled in papers ..."

http://oreneta.com/kalebeul/2005/12/10/smoking-mary-herbal-fumes-and-disease-prevention /

A further name is 'Traveller's Joy'.

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It's candied sugar (brown) – a broken lump of sugar candy ...

I've had a Eureka moment - I think you mean 'toffee'.
On the 'lot' issue - that didn't seem right to me either. We have lottery tickets - but only for the National Lottery, which is a relatively recent thing, and your boy sounds rather old-fashioned so I'm guessing it's a fairly old poem. Kids can't buy Lottery tickets anyway.I think what you want is 'raffle ticket'

Cambridge Learners Dictionary

.raffle Show phonetics
noun [C]
an activity in which people buy numbered tickets, some of which are later chosen to win prizes, which is arranged in order to make money for a good social purpose:
a raffle ticket/prize
I have never won anything in a raffle.
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