As an American, I would like to know why new users - those who happen to be native speakers - only have the option of registering under 'British' English? The fact that the adjective 'British' is there in the first place tells me that there is a distinction being made. Any native speaker can tell you that there are differences in idiom, spelling, and vocabulary between different regions of the English-speaking world. I wouldn't have thought a thing about it had the 'British' not been there, or had there been an "American" option available.

I'm sure other Yanks have noticed, maybe even commented on this. I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming that this site is based in the UK. To those administering the site: don't you think a non-native speaker looking for help is just as likely to run into an American on the Internet??

As one who has studied another language at the graduate level, I admit to being fascinated by differences in my own language. The differences are small; I see no downside to non-native speakers being exposed to all aspects of our fascinating language!

Hi Ron,

I think the software was built in the UK. As an AmE speaker, I complained loudly at the outset, but there are other more critical modifications to be made. It will get amended eventually.

It's a little misleading. I think it relates to the language in which the forum headers etc. appear, rather than the nationality of the user.

I have mine set to Danish at the moment, for instance. It imparts a pleasingly brisk nautical flavour to the whole posting experience.(Besvar et eksisterende indlæg!)