I am English and have very good command of the language, however i am entering into a profession that requires you to have a wide range of vocabulary. I was just wondering if anyone coukd give me any tips as to how i can broaden my vocabulary.
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2 ways

1. Read entertaining books that have challenging vocabulary. One book that comes to mind is called Cryponomicon by Neil Stephensen. My boyfriend, who has one of the most diverse vocabularies I've ever seen, even learned new words from it. I was surprisingly intrigued by the story and the fantastic use of the language. I recommend that you read it with a highlighter and dictionary by your side. Highlight the unknown word and try to guess the meaning from the context. If you can't, try looking closely at the part of speech. If it's still daunting, then look it up. Here's a link that will tell you about the story.

2. Get a word a day calendar. You can get them for your desk or computer.

To make the word a part of vocabulary you recognize is pretty easy, but to actually acquire the word into the vocabulary you use daily is another matter. If you actually want to start using the word in your own speech or writing, I'd recommend writing the new word down somewhere (like on a post it note and stick it on your bathroom mirror). Associate the each new word with other words you know. Find synonyms for it, find anecdotes or some kind of gesture to remember the word. Then start using the word right away in your writing and speaking. Keep practicing the word until it becomes a part of your normal vocabulary.

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