Can you give me an example of broken as a present tense?

In this case, "broken" is an adjective which has several meanings. For example:

a broken pot (broken = fractured; smashed) 
a broken set of books (broken = incomplete, fragmentary)
broken sunshine (broken = intermittent, discontinuous)
a broken radio (broken = not functioning)

... and so on. This is the only case "broken" can be *** in the present tense.

" Broken " is past participle of break.

I have never come across that it can be used as present tense.
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You can use broken to describe a marriage that has ended in divorce. (Sometimes it implies this is sad or a bad thing)

e.g. He spoke for the first time about the traumas of a broken marriage.
e.g. Children from broken homes are more likely to leave home before the age of 18.
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what about:

"my relationship is tense at the moment, my heart is broken since my spouse cheated on me"
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It's just the same thing: broken is used as an adjective. I didn't use any example of this kind because everybody knows what a broken heart feels like. Emotion: wink
and adjective or not, it is still a reductive past participle.

the broken pot is on the shelf - also means, the pot that has been broken (in the past) is on the shelf (now, presently)

someone has broken telephone

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purple chalk

Someone has broken the telephone.

As shown above.