Hello teachers!
I have homework making animation film with broken English.
I went to a supermarket and I found some broken English on the board.
However, I'm not sure which is wrong and if it's wrong, what's the correct one.
Please help me!

Here is the list.

1. chilled food
2. liquor
3. cleanser
4. canned-goods
5. confectionery
6. disposable/ consumables
7. fruit
8. living
9. lighting
10. self packing

I also saw some words in english on a street.

1. safety together
2. old terminal DIR ( i GUESS old here means- ex. But I don't think "ex" doesn't fit here...... and DIR is the short form of direction, but do you really use this word?)
3. harmonious city

Thanks in advance!
Ellisa1. chilled food FINE
2. liquor FINE
3. cleanser FINE
4. canned-goods FINE
5. confectionery SP - confectionary
6. disposable/ consumables FINE
7. fruit FINE
8. living FINE
9. lighting FINE
10. self packing UM- not sure what this is supposed to mean...perhaps - "Pack your own groceries"...

I also saw some words in english on a street.

1. safety together (This is strange, without context it makes no sense)
2. old terminal DIR (This is fine, DIR, I'm assuming, is the acronym for the station name, or an abbreviation)
3. harmonious city
UM... just wrong. NO I dea what's meant (again, no context)
I suppose you could say " a city living in harmony"

I hope this helps,
Cheers! It was a great help.

by the way, confectionary has the same meanig of confectionery. May we can use both in the same way, right?
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Hey -

Yeah - I guess you can spell it confectionary, OR confectionery...

in Canada - we always spell it with an "A".