What's a good adjective to describe the condition of your voice after a day of intense talking, your throat hurts and you can't seem to pronounce words correctly? broken voice?
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You can't say 'hardly never' - it should be hardly ever.

If something never happens - it means it does not happen at any time. So it cannot hardly never happen! Never is never!

Here comes the confusion - I thought I'd successfully avoided it today.

- Almost never ???????????????
Ummm. So is hardly Ever equal to almost never?
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Hardly ever

Very very rarely

Barely at all

barely ever
almost never is just rarely?
New2grammaralmost never is just rarely?

It is less frequent than rarely. It is hardly at all.
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Gosh... Sorry for my endless questions. One last question. could you please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 100 with 1 being never andn 100 being always.

Could you also rate almost never? Thanks
optilangHardly ever

Very very rarely

Barely at all

barely ever
So I think:

very very rarely

hardly ever

barely ever

barely at all

I wouldn't put ratings on them - but I have put them in the order I would use them from most to least frequent. Others may not agree entirely, but there is not a lot between them. Almost never I don't like for reasons explained earlier - never is never, for me it can't be almost, hardly, nearly - it is never. I know the phrase is used, but I don't use it myself.

Hope this helps without too much confusion.Emotion: smile
Thank you, Optilang. I hope another native will comment on this.
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