Good Morning Sir i here by requesting you for 1 week leave since i want to attent to my brother marriage which is giong to take place in my native kerala. So please grand me a leave .
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Good morning Sir ,I wish to attend my brother wedding in my home state U.P. I would like you to grant me leave for one week Attend this wedding.... Your sincerely Afseen khan vll A

Dear sir

I wish to attend my brother.wedding in my home state . uttrakhand

I would like you to grant me leave for one week frome 11/12/17to17/12/17 to attend this wedding .

Yours sincerely

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Dear Sir

I would like to request for leave so that I attend my cousin Brother marriage at our native place. I shall be highly obliged to you. May permit me to take leave from 10th Dec to 15th Dec 2018.

Thanks & Regards,

Virendra Chaurasiya

Arrange and attend the marriage ceremony

Subject:- application for leave on brother marriage

Dear sir,

I want to take learn from 20 february 2019 to 25 february 2019. My brother is marriage. I want to take my home. I will start looking learn on 25 feb 2019.

Please approm y leave


Renu kumari

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Leave for two days for tour to srisailam

I have to invite as well as ask for the leave in brother's marriage.

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