How would you say that something is brown, green and black? "brown-green-blackish" (it sounds ridiculous, so I guess that's not it).

Thank you very much in advance
Hi Antonija,

How about 'it was a mixture of brown, green and black'?

What are you trying to describe?
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To me, the colors you talk about seem like the colors they use for military camouflage .

If you're referring to just one solid color, the term I'd use would probably be "dark greenish-brown."
Hi everybody,

I am describing oil.It's a scientific paper.
Thank you

Perhaps you might say 'it was a mixture of . . . '? Or use the phrase 'it contained streaks of . . . '?

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Thanks Clive. Or is there a single word which means the mixture of these colours? Or perhaps to use an expression which would convey the meaning, perhaps a comparisson
I vote for Arvsworld's dark greenish-brown... or dark brownish-green. Use the final noun for the predominant hue.
Thank you all.
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