To describe someone that he\she has a dark skin especially brown (like a suntanned person)

would we use (brown) ?

I understand that (Brunette) means a white woman with brown or black hair, but I nedd a word for the skin colour (for masculine and feminine)

Many thanks in advance.
Do you want a noun or an adjective? I can't think of any single-word nouns that mean "a person with brown/dark skin" that aren't race-specific (or offensive).

If a white person has a dark skin colour simply because of exposure to the sun, then the adjectives "tanned" or "suntanned" are fine. You could also use "brown".

Otherwise, "brown-skinned" and "dark-skinned" are possible adjectives (or just say someone has a "dark skin" or "brown skin"). These are racially ambiguous, but may well be understood to refer to a non-white person if there's no other clue from context. You need to be careful when using these terms because gratuitous or inappropriate use may cause offence.

If a white person has a naturally darker skin tone then another option is to say that they have a "dark complexion".

There's no difference in any of this between masculine and feminine.
A "deep tan" can be used to indicate someone who is tanned to a very darn brown.

The back of his neck and forearms were deeply tanned, evidence of his months of hard work in the hot Georgia sun.

I only went for a few sessions at the tanning parlor. I don't want a deep tan like Sophie has.

"Olive" is the word used to refer to the typical dark complexion of the Mediterranean region, which does have a greenish undertone.

She's so lucky - that beautiful olive complexion, and she never has to worry about sunburn!