"Sometimes people ask me if we will have comrades after communism arrives. Given the world we inhabit, I find the ques-tion either obtusely theoretical or disingenuous—communism seems so far away, is this really your worry?... When I recognize that the question about the existence of comrades after communism comes in fact from a comrade, I can recognize and build on their hope and desire—the question presupposes that we win."(jodi Dean, Comrade)

What does "build on" mean here?


What does "build on" mean here? To answer your question, I'd first need to know who 'their' refers to, and I can't figure that out.

I find this passage very hard to interpret. To my mind, a writer who uses elipsis and dashes in this way seems almost deliberately trying to be obscure.

I'm going to have dinner and a glass of wine with my wife, and not waste anymore of my life on this matter!

Good luck with this!