Iam student of postgraduate, and want to enrich my vocab. The problem with me is that whenever I tried to learn the words , I forget that words after some time and also not able to use them in my daily communicaton. Please suggest what should i do.
Hello, bchillu,
As was said in a post in this forum, you could imagine some situations where you have to speak with someone, I don't know, at the restaurant, the butcher's...
Or you gather some words and make a song with them, you learn the song so you won't forget the words?
Or you could record vocab onto a tape and play the tape back on a Walkman when you're doing something else.

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Welcome to English Forums, bchillu.

To build and maintain vocabulary, do what Pieanne and Mr P said, plus write the words down, write them into sentences (check Googled sentences), pronounce them-- out loud!, associate them with other words in English or in your language, write them down again, say them out loud again, write them on scraps of paper and clothespin them to a cord strung around your room, put them into spreadsheet with their definitions. To keep words, you must work with them.
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